5 Sample User Stories to Jump Start Your User Story Writing

This post is a part of a series: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About User Stories But Were Afraid To Ask


This post is a part of a series:  Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About User Stories But Were Afraid To Ask

Hello, I’m Tirrell.  I’m an agile coach, consultant, and trainer and I write a lot about user stories.  You’re here because you want some sample user stories.  Congratulations, you’re in the right place.  Here are some helpful resources

Here is a free sample user story, outlining functionality for a user to jump to a different device but stay in the same place with media playback.

Description:  User device sync switch


 Matthew Media Master


Wants to start watching a show on his mobile device then be able to pick up where he left off on his tablet


 So he doesn’t miss a second of the big game


Our mobile phone usage has increased by 80% over the last 12 months, but the experience of moving from one mobile device to the next is not very good.  We want to improve this is experience and increase “time in app” across all smart devices.  Today, if a user is watching something on their phone then switch to another device, they have to re-nagivate all menus to get back to where they were, as opposed to just picking up where they left off.

Acceptance Criteria

  • If there was a stream being streamed in the last hour, and the user starts another app session, the system should prompt the user “Would you like to pick up where you left off?”
    • If the user clicks yes, it takes them to the previously watched stream
    • If the user clicks no, it takes them to the main menu
  • If there is an error preventing the user from picking up the stream where they left off, the user will be displayed an error message and taken to the main menu
  • If the stream they were watching has ended (in the case of live events), the user will not be prompted with the resume message
  • The system should update stream location information at least every 5 seconds
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