Backlog Templates and User Story Templates

The workbook for “The Ultimate Guide to Building Your Backlog” has all the templates referenced in the book.  But since you’re already here, I’ll let you in on a super secret way to get them for free.  Don’t tell anyone.


If you send me your receipt proving you bought the course, I’ll send you the workbook for free.  Now, everybody who’s anybody knows I shouldn’t be doing this.  After all, I SELL the workbook for $59.  However, my ego is excited to send you the workbook, so if you send me your proof of purchase for the $39 course, I will send you the workbook that has all the templates for FREE.

What if you haven’t bought it yet?

Well, I won’t tell if you won’t tell.  Click here to go get it.  Send me your receipt, and I will give you the workbook with the exercises and templates for free.

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