Scrum Documentation: User Stories: What it is and how to create it

A user story is a convenient format for expressing the desired business value for a feature told from the perspective of the person who wants the feature, usually a user


In scrum, user stories are one of the best and most popular form of creating a shared understanding of what the user of a system wants to accomplish.

User stories consist of 3 parts:

  • Card
  • Conversation
  • Confirmation

The “card” is a high level description of what the user wants, usually taking the form of “As a <type of user> I want <some functionality> so that I can <achieve some kind of goal>”

Since a user story is the promise of a future conversation, the “conversation” part of the user story is just that; a conversation around what the user wants and the goals the user wants to achieve.

The purpose of this conversation is to create a shared understanding of the expected outcome of implementing the story.

The “confirmation” is the additional detail captured during the “confirmation” that confirms the details, expected outcomes, acceptance criteria, or anything else that was discussed and agreed upon during the conversation.

For more information on user stories, click here.

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