The Ultimate Guide to Building Your Backlog

What if you could take 8 years of backlog building experience and instantly slurp it into your brain, Matrix style?

You can have the same material I use when I teach my $2000/day course on building backlogs

You want to build a backlog, but you’re unsure about where to start.  Most of us, when we first try to build a backlog, are clueless.  Sure, we know big picture what needs to be done, and its easy for us to talk it out, or create really detailed requirements documents, but we are not all great at building an agile backlog for a scrum team.

What if you knew exactly how to take all the thoughts and information in your head and create a crisp, clean, prioritized backlog for your team?  What if you knew exactly what your users wanted out of a new feature.  What if you knew how to smoothly negotiate the rough spots with your team and stakeholders?


What if you knew exactly what to do to build your backlog from scratch?

Over the last eight years, my course has helped hundreds of product owners become better at building backlogs. Like you, they became a product owner because they believed the agile process would make everything better.  But too many of us just reverse engineer traditional requirements, or create fluffy hard to understand poorly created user stories that have no sense of value to our business stakeholders.

“I was stuck between decomposing requirements and just giving up.  After going through this course, I had a clear sense of how I could articulate what was needed to the team and make my stakeholders very happy” – Kevin H.

What took me 5 years to figure out:

I didn’t want to “screw it up”. I felt that if I put too much detail, or too little, I’d lose my clients… and I’d be out of work.

Having worked with thousands of product owners over the last few years, I’ve realized this is the #1 reason why product owners are struggle with their backlogs, and end up more stressed in their cubicle. It’s all due to fear and self-doubt. That feeling of: “I don’t want to screw this up.”

Here is what I walked away with:

  • Most new product owners jump right into writing stories without any sort of roadmap
  • It’s difficult for them to create a cohesive sense of progress around story order
  • They haven’t outlined the problem they are looking to solve, or for whom
  • There are no success measures for the backlog, therefore no way to really prioritize
  • When they have written “enough” stories, they stop

I discovered context is everything, and product owners who follow this system can create a backlog in 20% of the time

I reduced the average time it took for a product owner to create a backlog by 80%, and there is no reason I can’t do it for you.

This means you need to understand the problem behind each project. I like to call this the “proxy pain.” What’s really making someone willing to put you in charge of making sure the product delivers business benefit?

“This course helped me realized that building a backlog is a skill anyone can develop”– Richard K.

It’s not just about “building your backlog” — it’s about making your stakeholders and teams happier, which in turn makes you more respected by them and gives you the reputation as the go-to person when the stakes are high and the project is important.

My comprehensive course is guaranteed to help you totally transform how you build backlogs, or I’ll refund you in full.

“Before this course, I spent a lot of time writing the perfect requirements.  Now, I’m proving my value to the business in a way that guarantees a promotion”- Sarah L.

Where will your backlog be 2 weeks from now?

Have you ever walked into a bookstore, picked up an interesting business book, flipped through it and couldn’t wait to get home and devour it in one sitting… only to have it end up, unread, in a box in the attic?

After you sign up for The Ultimate Guide to Building Your Backlog, you’ll immediately be sent the course materials, and you will want to start reading immediately.

I want you to succeed. I want you to get a ton of raises and promotions and make a ton of money after reading the content and incorporating it into your day to day activities. And the only reason you’ve read this far is because you’re unhappy with your backlog, and know it should be better. I’m going to help you do that.

So what will you be charging two weeks from now? Is it what you’ve been doing for weeks, months, and maybe even years? Or are you going to change your future by learning the right way to build backlogs?

“I am so happy I purchased this course. The course book is awesome, and the templates are worth their weight in gold.  Its work I didn’t have to do myself.” – Brandon P.


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